Abbi’s Books

The Baby Whisperer (Originally published: January 2014)

Two years after becoming internationally famous as The Baby Whisperer, Dr. Ty AbbiWilder_TheBabyWhisperer_1400pxRoss returns to Kensington Hospital to help a sick baby. Immediate and unexpected fame cost Ty the one thing he cared about most – Dr. Lily Finley. And now he wants to win her back.

As head of the pediatric ICU, Dr. Lily Finley is charged with escorting Ty and helping him with the sick newborn. She’s determined to protect her feelings for Ty during his short two-day visit. He left once; she’s not about to let him break her heart when he leaves again.

Can the past be forgiven or is it too late for a second chance?

**This is the e-book version of the novella that appeared in The Mammoth Book of ER Romance.**

When She Said Yes (July 2013)

Ryan Harper has a habit he can’t quit. For years he’s been using a unique pick-up line – a mock marriage proposal – to approach women. Most women realize it’s a AbbiWilder_WhenSheSaidYes_800pxploy but when he proposes to his best friend Emily Butler to help her out of a messy situation, she says ‘yes.’

Emily Butler will do anything to save her mother’s failing matchmaking company, even if it means a marriage of convenience to a man she can’t possibly love. Her heart truly belongs to Ryan and when he proposes, she sees opportunity. Can she save the family company and prove to Ryan they’re a perfect match?

Father of the Bride’s Baby (In Progress)

This is a sequel to When She Said Yes and is a work in progress on Wattpad.

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