Abbi and the Sharpwin Blues

[AKA Abbi and the SMD Blues]

Hello, World! The weekend is here. I hope 2020 has been roaringly happy for all. Abbi’s been ringing in the new year with all kinds of adventures. I’ve even learned a new phrase or two around said adventures. My most recent phrase:

detención medios sociales chupa
Translated: Social media detention (SMD) sucks

It was bound to happen. And it was my choice. I can’t ever remember being in detention in school so I guess I’m due. And I think I’d rather be in SMD than get a speeding ticket, which is also waaaaaay overdue.

What I’m here to talk about is Abbi’s favorite (not so little) show. If anyone who is keeping up knows, New Amsterdam has now graduated to playing with the big kids of TV shows.

New Amsterdam Renewed for 3 seasons. 
Soooo much to look forward to, yes? 🙂

We’re up to episode 16 on March 10th so I thought I’d discuss some of the highlights of watching so far this season. As always, no episode recaps. A good school-grade primer is here under New Amsterdam Lessons.

And I figure since I’m already in detention, let’s have a little freedom, shall we? I’m the girl shooting spitballs at others if you’re looking for me.

Moving forward. Watch your step. Hangovers and plot twists ahead.

1. Feeling Those Sharpwin Blues

Last year at this time, episodes 16 (King of Swords) and 17 (Sanctuary) were a lot about the beloved #sharpwin. Max (Ryan Eggold) and Helen (Freema Agyeman) teamed up to help those who couldn’t reach the hospital in a snowstorm. And Dr. Sharpe gave her ‘we all want you’-matum to Max at the end of Sanctuary.

We’ve had a bit of a plot twist with Episode 14 (Sabbath) and 15 (Double Blind) of Season 2. And who doesn’t like a good plot twist?

Almost a year ago I commented on the #sharpwin ado: “Only time will tell but I’m of the mindset to let the writers, cast and crew do their thing and just follow along.” And I have to believe there is a method to the writer’s hope-laden consistency.

Helen is in the midst of dealing with Dr. Castro (Anna Villafañe). Max will be there.

So, if you’re feeling the #sharpwin blues, remember this: Max is still on his journey. It would be better if Max can get to the end first.

2. We Have Spin-Off

Cue happy dance because I’m hoping it is a Dr. Reynolds (Jocko Sims) and Evie (Margot Bingham) spinoff. Yes, yes, and yes, please. Or as Dr. Reynolds himself says in Season 2, Episode 1, My Turn: “Yes, Please. Thank you.”

I’m not on social media and my Internet world is sketchy so I could be wrong but I’m really, really, really hoping I’m not. Time to carry the martini dances over to San Francisco.

3. Keeping the New Amsterdam Hangover Real

It doesn’t matter what the episode, there is always something sticking with the viewers through the next day. Sometimes it’s so strong, it feels like a hangover. Whether it’s hilarious moments between Dr. Kapoor (Anupam Kher) and Dr. Sharpe, heart wrenching realistic times when the doctors provide end of life care for patients, or Dr. Bloom (Janet Montgomery) bringing a woman back to life to she can meet her granddaughter. The hope and hangovers keep on flowing.

4. Stretching the Relationship Boundaries

Abbi’s been wishing this on a star for a very long time (since the Season 1 Episode 6 Anthropocene hijinks, I believe). And I’m very happy how the show has put together a plausible relationship between Dr. Kapoor and Ella (Dierdre Friel).

Watch the clip below to see what I mean.

And, yes, Abbi truly misses the New Amsterdam Instgram bts moments but her brain is better for it. Instagram 1, Abbi 0. No more matches scheduled in the near future.

Expect Abbi to be back again soon. Unless there’s unexpected trouble for not sharing a swing with the other kids. May even go back to high school for one post.

Stay safe, world.

Embrace Hope.
Abbi 🙂

The blues was bleeding the same blood as me.

B.B. King

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