NA DOI and The Hero’s Journey — Magneto Style

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone has had an awesome day. This has been a day of many imperfections, so moving forward with this post completes the circle. 🙂

Any-hoo, this isn’t the post I had intended for today. But, since it’s been exposed, I shall continue. This is the post meant originally for Valentine’s Day.

Before we hit the main post, I wanted to provide an update on New Amsterdam Diffusion of Innovation (NA DOI).

Just over a week ago, NBC renewed New Amsterdam for a second season. Cue the happy dance for those of us who have been watching from day one. And this past weekend, the cast received the Outstanding Cast Award from SCAD/aTV .

From watching social media, I think there are many viewers who believe this award is much deserved. I have to agree and I think this created quite the blip on the diffusion curve. Maybe I didn’t notice before but it seems like there’s a lot more people coming out to discuss their admiration for New Amsterdam.

I would like to talk about this past Tuesday’s episode, “The Blues,” but I’m going to hold off. Dr. Bloom’s storyline and backstory were fantastic but I didn’t like seeing Dr. Kapoor unhappy. Must put emotions aside before putting words to paper. ETA: “The Blues” aired on February 12th. The next new episode will air on March 5th.

So, on with the regular blog post. This is actually a short blip I wrote around the middle of December 2018 before the holidays went all wonky. I’ve talked about Max’s journey for New Amsterdam. This is another hero’s journey to consider.

Here. We. Go. Zooming back to 2018.

Today is about writing and a short look at the beginning of a hero’s journey.

It’s well-known fact that I am a huge Magneto fan. Of all the X-men, Magneto is my favorite. #teammagneto

I’ve had friends tell me, “But he’s not a hero.” And hence starts the debate. Magneto, in my eyes, is a torn hero on a path to redemption and this is only achieved at the end of X-men: Apocalypse. I’m very curious to see where they go with his character in Dark Phoenix.

There are variations on the hero’s journey. Some have three stages, others more. A good resource with explanations for each step can be found here:

There’s one line that I think starts Magneto’s journey. I love the line. Watch the clip below from X-Men: First Class. It’s the last line spoken by Magneto (Michael Fassbender). Warning: There is a bit of violence in this scene.

On the previous version of this post, I mentioned about family and love for Valentine’s Day. This still hold true even though it’s not Valentine’s Day, in my opinion. Learned a lot about my family this past weekend.

I want to end this post with a correction to my previous ‘Imperfections’ post. Apparently, it isn’t only physicians who call me ‘chipper’ in the morning. Walked into a clinic last week and techs and nurses referred to me as chipper. I thought it was my hair but no. I should embrace this as a compliment but some days . . .

Not sure what I’ll write about next since I just posted two posts that were meant to be one. Based on today’s events it might be time for another Abbi chat. We shall see.

Embrace hope.
Abbi 🙂

Belief at the beginning of any successful undertaking is the one ingredient that will ensure success.

William James

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