New Amsterdam DOI

House arrest is over, and I was back among adults today. Saw a patient I hadn’t seen in at least a month. He’s one of those I mentioned that sits in that first chair and smiles when I walk in. He’s a favorite among all the nurses.

I sat and talked to him and learned he’s been married for 70 years. Think about that for a second.

“So, what’s the secret to staying married for 70 years?”
He didn’t answer my question right away. I assumed he was searching for a pithy answer.
“That’s a good question,” he replied. Then another pause. “You need to ask my wife.”
Absolutely priceless. 🙂

So, we’re going to talk some New Amsterdam, a TV medical show which premiered this past September, and Rogers’ diffusion of innovations. And I’m going to start with the disclaimer that this isn’t something that can ever be done in one blog post. Well, maybe it could but not when I’m doing it. I have to do something like this in what I see as a logical manner.

Though this is not a bad thing. I have a nurse who has asked for my help with her theory class. Maybe showing a practical application outside of the profession will help.

Moving on . . .

If you haven’t read my post from a couple of weeks ago or you’re still hibernating and haven’t watched New Amsterdam, here’s a couple of links to catch up:

NBC site:
My previous post:

It’s a very good show, world. I’m still amazed at how well the writers tie up the story lines and dig deep with the medical puzzles.

Looking at diffusion of New Amsterdam at the simplest level, here are some key signs so far that the show is making some movement:

  • New Amsterdam is being distributed overseas: Australia, England (though Amazon UK on 02/08), Germany and Italy. I also have Austria and the Netherlands on my list but I have no idea where they came from. So I can’t count them until I confirm or validate them.
  • Last check all of the social media sites numbers continue to increase. Facebook has the most followers which surprises me. Instagram is much more interactive. Anupam Kher (Dr. Vijay Kapoor) gave followers different views of India through Instagram stories when he went home to visit family. Loved it. And the Facebook fan page had a bump over 2k about a week ago.

But, and it’s kind of a big but, numbers aren’t the key parts of Rogers’ theory. His theory focuses on the decision-making process when something new (aka innovative) crosses someone’s path. To be more precise:

An INNOVATION (New Amsterdam) connects with a COMMUNICATION CHANNEL (social media, TV ads, etc.), leaving the consumer/decision maker TIME to decide or decline while being influenced by the SOCIAL SYSTEM (family, peers, etc.) where they reside.

Many of the studies were done after the innovation had cleared a certain threshold and data was gathered via interviews versus following numbers. At present, I have no plans to take on that task. Insanity, I know.

I have created a separate tab for the information I have put together and will make it live when I find a way to make it presentable and easy to understand.

There’s so much more but I think this is a good stopping point for Phase I of the NA DOI project.

I will be back with one more update covering another subject on Sunday.

I hope everyone has a warm, happy and convoluted theory-free weekend.

Embrace Hope.
Abbi 🙂

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.

Anthony J. D’Angelo

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