Anniversaries & Goals

Copyright Berkeley Breathed, circa 1990s

Welcome back! 🙂

Anyone remember Bloom County? This comic reminds me that some things don’t change. Bonus points if you can name the three former members of Congress in the comic. I could only name two: T.D. and D.H.

I’m working on the post on empathy and it should be here on Saturday.

I’ve talked about a positive mindset and how nothing meaningful is easy. The theme for this post is: You can go your own way.

Feel free to sing the Fleetwood Mac song. I would join in but my budding scientists say my singing puts people at risk for aneurysms. Wouldn’t want to start any epidemics. I think it’s just a mom thing.

This month marks the five-year anniversary for the release of what I call the little novella that could.

The Baby Whisperer was included in an anthology published in September 2013 and then I published the e-book in January 2014. Without much fanfare and/or advertising, the novella did very well. (At least by my standards.)

As the novella kept selling, I had authors telling me to get the next book out or The Baby Whisperer won’t continue to sell. And they’re right. Metrics show that if want to sell a backlist, you need to keep creating new content.

2014 was a year where I was getting all kinds of unsolicited advice while trying to juggle more than one major decision.

All I knew was I wanted to have to ability to make my own decisions. Which, to me, meant to step back and focus on each issue individually, without input or noise from others.

Slip through a portal and we’re back to 2019. I took The Baby Whisperer off retailer sites last year even though it was still selling. Readers have asked for longer version of Ty’s story and I’m going to work on it.

Readers have been asking for a longer story since The Baby Whisperer released, but there was one big problem: I had to figure out how to write longer. My background was to write short and concise.

Hence, my first goal for 2019. Send Migiah out into the world.

Migiah is the story I wrote while trying to work on making a story longer. While The Baby Whisperer is about 7k, Migiah is just short of 90k. I figured out the long while keeping the concise. (I can’t give up the concise.)

I’m going to start by seeing if any agents or editors are interested. Self-publishing will always be an option.

I’ll post numbers as they come along. And start working on a new and lengthier story for Dr. Ty Ross.

My point is: Advice isn’t a bad thing but if you’re like me and want to feel as if your decisions are your own, following a separate path is ok. You can go your own way.

My hope is with Migiah I’ll be back to publishing again. I will always be a nurse but writing has always been a second ambition for me.

Embrace Hope.
Abbi 🙂

Hope is being able to see there is light despite all the darkness.

Desmond Tutu

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