A Holiday Wish (Part 1)

I couldn’t find a funny for today so I popped this from a Facebook friend. Thank you, Linda. ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay. So I’ve decided to have a few ‘chat with Abbi’ moments. Yes, I will blog about writing and nursing but I also want to include other things.

Why? Bottom line: Because I care and I hope that posting chats will make it to at least one person who will gain some insight and serenity.

Here we go.

A couple of weeks ago, my boss posed a question to all the nurses on her team. My job is very virtual. The closest team member is more than 50 miles away and my boss lives 2 states away. My boss wanted to know what we wished for Christmas. She had just experienced a near school shooting in her area and she asked for gun violence to stop.ย ย 

My wish is for everyone to find a way to focus on happiness. Let all the concerns, anger and whatever negative feels just slide away. We can be happy if we put our brains in the right mindset. 

Focus on the mindset. 

I can see the responses now: I need a million dollars to be happy. I need x, y, and z. No, you donโ€™t. Happiness is subjective, which means it comes from within. Having money is helpful, but itโ€™s not going to solve all problems. 

I think if we looked more inside ourselves than outside at what everyone else is doing, it would make a difference. Looking inside we see ourselves and learn about who we are and who we want to become. Itโ€™s about growing as an individual. 

And donโ€™t take this as me saying โ€œYouโ€™ll never have a million dollars.โ€ Take it as it will be a lot easier to get there if you understand your own happiness. Negativity can be a roadblock or barrier to getting things done. 

Monitoring your mindset is an ongoing job. I have little triggers that tell me when it’s time. Maybe start by defining little things that make you happy. 

My final note: Youโ€™re not being selfish by thinking about your personal happiness. Not only will it benefit you in the long run but others around you will take notice.

3 days to 2019. 

Abbi ๐Ÿ™‚
Embrace Hope

Good night, beautiful.

Make room for happiness tomorrow.

If you make room for it, it’ll show up.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Gmorning, Gnight! Little peps talks for me & you

P.S. Love this book. This book has stayed with me since I discovered it.

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